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Thinker. Exister. Passionate creative.Someone who will be somebody someday. Currently, that someone a first year art student with a heavy dose of an acting background and ombre hair.My blog is inspiration as filtered through my brain. My musings, art, tea, Old Hollywood, quips, quotes, feminism, cats, literature, and the like is what you'll find around these parts.

Keep watching. "Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative ” -Oscar Wilde



#DIY of the day - keep your cords and chargers off the floor by holding them up with binder clips that are clipped to the side of your desk! #smallspacestyle


I would really really like to be able to pull this off for my dorm room, but I’m not sure if that’s happening seeing as this fabric is about $300 a yard. A girl can dream… 


bye bye beige walls 👽👋 #dorm

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Posts about college kids used to be pretty relatable to me even though I was in high school but now that I’m going to college in literally one week they are relatable on an entirely new level

I go in two and I feel this 100%