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women who had period cramps before pain killers were invented were metal as fuck let’s give them a standing ovation

Standing ovulation

A round of menopause.

It was a difficult period of history for everyone

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A very young Jimmy Stewart


A very young Jimmy Stewart

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I am worth an accidental backhand to the face, a kiss on the cheek, and a quarter.
I can deal with this.

On a related note, I went and saw The Grand Budapest Hotel.
I suggest you do the same.
It is now probably my favorite Wes Anderson film.


Seeing someone slowly lose interest in you is probably one of the worst things ever 

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Oh hey also I never told you guys but today I called the police on this boy.

I was walking at the mall with my mom and sister and this guy whistles behind me then smacks my ass as hard as he possibly can then shoves past me and runs for his goddamn life to the mall exit doors.

I was in shock at first, but the poor fucker messed with tHE WRONG LADY oh my GOD I was so LIVID

First of all it hurt so bad like my butt is still stinging I kid you not second I was really embarrassed because he did it to make his friends laugh so first I cried a lil bit I won’t lie

But when he passed by me again, I chased him. I don’t think I’ve ever ran that fast in my life. He didn’t notice at first but when I really caught up he yelled “oh shit!!” and ran into a store. So I ran faster and started yelling at the top of my lungs “YOU BETTER RUN YOU PIECE OF SHIT I AM CALLING THE COPS”. He ran out to the parking lot so I couldn’t find him.

angry Claire is a force of nature and boy was I fucking furious.

So I called the cops. And they were very nice and we caught him and he came and apologized to me. If he were an adult, you bet your sweet buns I would have pressed so many charges, but my little sister is older than this lil squirt punk ass bitch so I didn’t feel like ruining his life that’s useless. He didn’t look like a bad kid, just a dumb one. He’s like “I am sorry ma’am I was ignorant” and I said “Yes you were. Now look at me and tell me you will NEVER do this again to ANYONE. You are lucky it was me, that is dangerous and stupid and incredibly disrespectful. You will never do this to any human being ever. again.” and the guy nearly shit himself he looked so scared which actually felt good I won’t lie like yeah you better be scared you lil shit I will reign down my wrath in a fire that fuels eighty volcanoes.

so yeah that’s my story the end

Fashion Wonderland: Valentino f/w 2014-2015

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twenty is for trying. twenty is for failing. twenty is not for getting married or for giving birth to babies. twenty is not, i have decided, for making a home. for standing still. twenty is for falling in love and falling asleep in the big, warm beds of your friends and waking up to kisses and walking out the door, disheveled, to eggs and bacon and toast. stay up late, sleep in late, build things, break things. hurt yourself. forgive yourself. you are the sum of your parts, two and five and twelve and twenty. you are baby and girl and woman all at once. you are naive, and you are scarred. it can’t be helped, darling. growing up is a contradiction in terms. adulthood is a lie.
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